Recently, there has been a collaboration between Vistum, Rorum and Ísfell, which was run by VISTUM. The project manager was Magnús Þór Bjarnason. The project was about checking whether small mussels among other things that ate cleaned of sea-cadges on land could be used in some way in stead of being desposed of. Operations and cost-effectiveness were assessed on the potential utilization of these raw materials and the results were presented in the final report.

Aqua-Ice (Aquaculture Conference Iceland) is a two day, annual, conference and exhibition for the aquaculture industry neant to be a platform for stakeholders and to meet and disvuss important industry-related issues of common interest. 

Aqua-Ice is organized by "Strandbúnaður", a non-profit organization of whitch RORUM is one of the founding companies. 

Thorleifur Eiríksson was a part of the board of administration and was voted as chairman of the board for 2018. 

Two Reasercers from RORUM held lectures at the conference:


Anna Guðrún Edvardsdóttir: "Heildræn áhrif fiskeldis - umhverfi, efnahagur, samfélag og menning." (Icelandic)

Eva Dögg Jóhannesdóttir fjallaði um: "Tíðni og þéttni lúsa á villtum laxfiskum á Vestfjörðum." (Icelandic)

Thorleifur Eiríksson was also a maneger of one of the seminars "Heilbrigði í strandbúnaði - verk og vitundarvakning". 


Thorleifur Eiriksson working on sampling
Thorleifur Eiriksson working on sampling
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The aim of this project is to see if there are Different changes in bottom communities both outside and inside the road crossing of Dyrafjordur.

RORUM particapated in the proctec Ecost witch is funded by the European Union. The project is managed by IRIS and carried out in collaboration with Greig seafood, ISPRA, CNR, ISMAR and RORUM. 

The proctec puplished a poster in the conference Havbruk in Oslo under the name: "Implemented ecological footprint analysis (EFA) for aquaculture: conceptual model development and case study application."

The board of Umhverfissjóður sjókvíaeldis (Environmental fund for aquaculture in sea cages) decided February 2nd to give a grant to the project „Environmentally friendly fish farming increases revenue“,  and announced  the decision on the 18th of February 2016.