Research project with RORUM

3. september 2021 eftir

Sigurður Ívar has begun work on his research project in Biology at the University of Iceland. Dr. Þorleifur Eiríksson, zoologist at RORUM and dr. Gunnar Þór Hallgrímsson, zoologist and professor at the University of Iceland will supervise Sigurður.

The main goal of the project is to define and explain invertebrate societies on the ocean floor and dynamic changes close to aquaculture farms and how these societies re-establish themselves during fallowing.  The research question is whether the first invertebrate species that return to an impacted habitat will have a direct influence on species that arrive later.

Our hypothesis suggests that a correlation is between the number of individuals of certain species and level of impact and that the results do not automatically apply to nearby farming areas. 

Joseph O. Ajayi moves from Iceland to the UK

3. september 2021 eftir

Our good collaborator at RORUM is moving from Icland to the UK to be with his family.

We at RORUM thank him for his dedication and good work!


We at RORUM wish him him well in everything he takes on!

Research done by RORUM researchers in 2008-2012 shown to be extremely important in the light of growing salmon industry.

25. ágúst 2021 eftir

The research presented in this report has been shown to be extremely important as basic information on natural biodiversity in a Icelandic fjord system. This ever so much today as aquaculture in the fjordsystem, Isafjardardjup, is now growing with new salmon farming.

The main object of the project was to define the natural biodiversity of Ísafjardardjúp, pollution limits, and potential impact of eutrophication. This was done by studying benthic populations at specific locations and define indicator species which can be used in Iceland to estimate accumulation of organic matter which stem from man‐doings, like aquaculture. Knowledge about the benthic live in shallow waters around Iceland is little, both regarding natural circumstances and when there is pressure from man‐doings. Knowledge is also poor about how benthic communities respond to pollution from aquaculture. This study shows the relations between research stations with regards to kinship between found indicative species.

The report is in Icelandic.

 Here is the report.

Authors of the project were Dr. Thorleifur Agustsson and Dr. Thorleifur Eiriksson at RORUM.

RORUM in good company - exciting projects ahead

2. júní 2021 eftir

There is a new research project ahead at RORUM in collaboration with NORA, Stavanger University, TARI from the Faroe Islands and Pinngortitaleriffik from Greenland.

Sigurður Rafn Borgþórsson

15. apríl 2021 eftir

Sigurdur Rafn Borgthorsson has joined RORUM.  He will focus on IT matters for RORUM.

Happy birthday to Chairman of the Board

17. nóvember 2020 eftir Þorgerður Þorleifsdóttir

Anna Edvardsdóttir Ph. D, Chairman of the Board at RORUM ehf., is sixty years old today. Her co-workers wish Anna a happy birthday. 

Dr. Thorleifur Agustsson joins RORUM

15. júlí 2020 eftir

Dr. Thorleifur Agustsson joins RORUM. After spending years in Norway dr. Agustsson has moved back to Iceland. "Him joining us will strengthen the team" says Dr. Eiriksson director at RORUM.

Gudmundur Vidir Helgason

14. maí 2020 eftir Þorgerður Þorleifsdóttir

Gudmundur Vidir Helgason, a friend, co-worker and one of the founders of RORUM ehf. has passed away. Gudmundur Vidir was both a well-regarded scientist and a trusted colleague, and he leaves behind many reports and articles on zoology and natural history of Iceland. We at RORUM offer our deepest condolences to the family of Gudmundur Vidir.

Seashore inspection by Thorlakshofn

9. apríl 2019 eftir Þorgerður Þorleifsdóttir

Rorum inspected the seashore by Thorlakshöfn regarding possible influences from hatchery drainage. More about the project and pictures from the field trip can be seen here


Aqua-Ice conference 2019

20. mars 2019 eftir Þorgerður Þorleifsdóttir

Today (20. Mars 2019) the Icelandic newspaper Fréttablaðið published an special paper on Aquaculture and the third annual Aqua-Ice conference. A special interview with Thorleifur Eiriksson, director at Rorum, can be read there (in Icelandic).