Undirbúningur að breytingu í lífhagkerfi á norðurlöndum

RORUM is participating in a transdisciplinary consortium, which has been invited as one out of ten consortia to the final phase in the NordForsk call to establish a “Nordic Centre of Excellence” within the theme “Advancing the Bioeconomy Transition in the Nordic Region”.

The proposed “Nordic Centre for Sustainable and Resilient Aquatic Production” (SUREAQUA) will provide competence, innovation and technology to ensure the sustainability and resilience in aquatic production chains, so valuable for human society. The main goal of SUREAQUA is to advance the transition to the blue bioeconomy, providing food security to society while preserving the good environmental status of seas and oceans in the Nordic region.

Research partners: IRIS (all departments), Technical University of Denmark, Nofima, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, University of Stavanger, University of Iceland, Rorum ehf, University of Eastern Finland, University of Gothenburg, Aquaculture research Station of the Faroes and European Centre of Environment and Human Health.

Industry participants:  AKVAGroup ASA, Skretting ARC, AM Nutrition, Marine Harvest, Gwind, SFD Innovation, Biosentrum AS, Bakkafrost and Mediteam AS.

Further information about the call can be found on: