Fabio Grati M.Sc.

Fishery scientist

Address: Sundaborg 1, 104 Reykjavík. tel: +39 071 913539. e-mail: fag@rorum.is

 Fabio Grati finished a M.Sc. degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Trieste (Italy) in 1997 and is working as fishery scientist since 1998 at the Italian National Research Council, Institute for Biological Resources and marine Biotechnologies of Ancona, Italy.

Fabio was the coordinator of the research projects ECOAST (ERA-NET COFASP) and ARIEL (EU Interreg ADRION), focusing on the impact of fisheries and aquaculture on the marine environment, and he was involved as coordinator and participant in many other projects dealing with fishery resources, fishing technologies, maritime spatial planning, small-scale fisheries, recreational fisheries, experimental aquaculture, and artificial reefs.

He is currently a member of the Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) of the European Commission and he is a consultant of FAO in different Regional Projects (AdriaMed, MedSudMed, General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean).

Fabio is author and co-author of 39 scientific papers published on ISI Journals and more than 60 scientific reports, both national and international.



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