Rorum recieves grants for two projects

5. apríl 2018 eftir

Rorum recieved two grants from Umhverfissjóður fiskeldis (e:Aquaculture Environmental Fund). A new method to analyze the scenic impact of fish farming recieved 1.5 millions Icelandic krona. The project is headed by Adam Hoffritz and Laxar fiskeldi, a aquaculture company, is a research partner. The other project, Breakdown of organic material under aquaculture sea cages. Insight to optimizing the resting time, was granted 8 million Icelandic krona. The study is headed by Thorleifur Eiríksson and is a partnership between Rorum, University of Iceland, IRIS AS, University of Akureyri, ECOBE at the University of Antwerp and Ice Fish Farm.