Joseph Oyeniyi Ajayi M.Sc.

Assignments / Bibliography.

BSc project deals with Contrasting Geological Characteristics Of Geothermal in Diverging and Converging Plate Boundaries.

MSc project is Grouting in rock tunneling: With selected case studies of post grouting in Kárahnjúkar hydroelectric head race tunnel East Iceland.


Professional affiliations:

 Member American Association of Petroleum Geology (AAPG- # 71310-2).

 Candidate Fellow Geological Society of London (GSL- # 1008077).

 Member International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH- # 93990)

Member International Geothermal Association Pisa, Italy. (IGA - # 2002/13650).

 Member Geothermal Association of Iceland. (Icelandic Geothermal Association).

 Member Energy Institute GradEI London. (Formerly The Institute Of Petroleum).